Former Hong Kong aspiring AV actress Chili Mak releases provocative photo book, faces backlash for past deception

    Chili Mak

    25th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chili Mak, once at the centre of the “Hong Kong AV actress” craze, has recently released a bold and unapologetic photo book. The collection showcases her physically demanding journey and highlights her self-proclaimed best asset—her all-natural curves, captured without any retouching or push-up enhancements.

    When asked about her motivation behind this endeavour, Mak revealed in an interview with local media, “This is my first personal photo book, something I have always planned to do. Initially, I had discussions with photographers about creating a photo book without resorting to explicit content. However, at that time, it was evident that my physique wasn’t suitable for such a project. This year, everyone agreed that the timing was right as I had dedicated myself to enhancing my acting and singing skills. It feels like I have finally reached a point where I am ready to share this side of me and hopefully open doors to more opportunities.”

    Addressing her past deception as an aspiring AV actress, Mak expressed sincere remorse and issued an apology, stating, “I would like to apologise once again to everyone. I understand that many people are still upset about the incident. I have noticed the negative comments from netizens on social media platforms, and I acknowledge my mistake. It is understandable that people reacted this way. Most of them were asking me to be accountable for my false claims. However, there were some who resorted to personal attacks, making derogatory remarks about my appearance and labelling me negatively. These hurtful comments naturally upset me, but I recognize that it was my own fault, and I deeply regret the choices I made.”