Former Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow, 49, enjoys skiing vacation in France with her family


    15th February 2024 – (Megève) Kathy Chow, former Hong Kong actress, aged 49, tied the knot with her French husband Julien Lepeu in 2012. The couple has been blessed with two adorable mixed-race children, Jacques and Avner.

    For the Lunar New Year celebration, the Chow family decided to embark on a delightful holiday abroad. They travelled to the picturesque town of Megève in France, a renowned skiing destination, to bask in the joy of togetherness. Despite being in a foreign country, Kathy Chow paid meticulous attention to the attire of her two sons, ensuring they were dressed appropriately for the festive occasion. Sporting vibrant red outfits and adorable lion headgear, the children looked incredibly festive. Avner even greeted the camera with a traditional Chinese New Year gesture. Kathy, unable to contain her delight at her son’s cuteness, couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She also took the opportunity to extend her New Year wishes to everyone, saying, “On the first day of the Lunar New Year, I wish you all a prosperous Year of the Loong, filled with vitality, good fortune, and good health!”

    On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year (13th day), the entire Chow family geared up for a skiing adventure. Kathy Chow didn’t miss the chance to capture a stunning selfie against the backdrop of the magnificent snow-capped mountains. What amazed netizens even more was that despite approaching the age of 50 and having two young children, Kathy maintained impeccable beauty. Not only did she maintain her enviable figure, but her flawless complexion, even without makeup, appeared smooth, fair, and firm. She radiated youthfulness that could rival many younger women today. Netizens couldn’t help but comment, “Is this fair?” and “She doesn’t look like she’s had two kids!” They praised her for being a perfect match to the beautiful scenery.