Former HK Observatory director shares tips for staying cool in hot weather without switching on the air-conditioner

Lam Chiu-ying

31st May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory issued a Very Hot Weather Warning as the city experienced a prolonged heatwave, with temperatures in some areas exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Today, the temperature reached over 35 degrees Celsius, prompting former director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Lam Chiu-ying, to share his tips for staying cool in the hot weather. Although Lam is known for his advocacy of not using air-conditioning, he recently recommended a new tool that he finds even more effective than a USB fan. He also reminisced about wearing a cool vest during Mid-Autumn Festival when he was young, but now finds the heat unbearable due to the effects of climate change and increased electricity consumption.

Lam Chiu-ying, who is a strong advocate for environmental protection, recently shared his latest tip for staying cool on Facebook. He works in an office with a temperature of 32.2 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 76%, using a 15cm diameter USB fan as his trusty companion.

His post sparked a discussion among netizens, with many praising him for his eco-friendly approach and effective tips. However, others questioned his advice, stating that extreme heat can cause health problems and that using tools to stay cool is necessary.

In a previous interview, Lam recommended a new favourite tool of his: a waist-hanging electric fan. He explained that many people have found it useful as it can blow air into their clothes and help cool their bodies. Although it is more expensive than a USB fan, costing around HK$100, he emphasised that it is highly effective. He also urged people to reduce their electricity consumption and take small steps towards environmental protection, such as using less air-conditioning.

Lam recalled how he used to wear a cool vest during Mid-Autumn Festival when he was young. However, with the increased use of air-conditioning and electricity consumption, he finds it harder to tolerate the heat. He stated that people should use less air-conditioning and take steps towards environmental protection.