Former HK actress Yoyo Mung supports husband Ekin Cheng’s London concert

    Ekin Cheng (left) and Yoyo Mong (right).

    10th July 2024 – (London)  Former Hong Kong actress Yoyo Mung, the wife of popular Hong Kong singer Ekin Cheng, was spotted supporting her husband at his recent concert in London.

    Mung, who has kept a low profile in recent years, was photographed attending Cheng’s show in a casual all-black outfit, wearing glasses and going fully makeup-free. The natural, unadorned look prompted some online commenters to remark that Mung, at the age of 51, appeared to have aged prematurely, with one noting she had a “granny-like” appearance.

    However, others defended Mung, arguing that it was unfair to judge a celebrity’s natural ageing process, especially one who is no longer in the spotlight. As one supporter pointed out, “Who can still look this good at 50? She’s not an active celebrity anymore, she’s just ageing normally like a regular person.”

    Despite the mixed reactions, the rare public glimpse of the famously private Mung alongside her husband Cheng, who was warmly received by his British fans, provided a touching moment for the couple’s supporters.