Former HK actress Maggie Cheung joins Lin Dan at Paris Badminton Charity Gala

    Left: Lin Dan. Second left: Maggie Cheung.

    20th April 2024 – (Paris) Retired Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung made a sudden appearance in Paris where she joined forces with Chinese former badminton player Lin Dan for the two-day event, the “Paris 100 Sino-French Badminton Charity Gala.” This prestigious gathering, initiated by Lin Dan, brought together legendary athletes, youths, celebrities, and distinguished guests from various countries for a meaningful charitable cause.

    The highlight of the event was the “Sino-French Celebrity Exhibition Match,” featuring the dream team collaboration of Maggie Cheung and Lin Dan. They competed against Alex Lanier and Raphael SACHETAT, representing France. Adding to the excitement, popular French actress Melanie Laurent made a special appearance to cheer for the French team. After three thrilling sets, the French team emerged victorious, concluding the match amidst laughter and applause.