Former convener of Studentlocalism, Tony Chung arrested for violation of National Security Law


29th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) The police arrested member of Studentlocalism i.e. the former convener Tony Chung Hon-lam on suspicion of violating the Hong Kong National Security Law. The former convener Tony Chung Hon-lam was arrested at his residence in Yuen Long at about 8.50 pm today for inciting others to subvert the country and was arrested by the National Security Council officials and left with several bags of exhibits.

According to the source, after the passing of the National Security Law on the 30th of last month, Studentlocalism published an article on social media with the caption “Defend our soil, Hong Kong Independence, Student Mission, and Decolonisation” on Sunday (26th). The article was with the title “Contending against Chinese Nationalism and Constructing Hong Kong Nationalism”; it also stated that “Hong Kong people must continue to strive for self-improvement, oppose the greater Chinese nationalism that has been rooted in Hong Kong for many years, and construct Hong Kong’s national consciousness, in order to achieve the ultimate destiny of Hong Kong people. “

According to the Hong Kong National Security Law, the writer of the article may have committed four types of crimes include secession of the country, subversion of state power, terrorist activities, and crimes of colluding with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security, all of which can be sentenced to life imprisonment.