Former chief executive of HA believes the govt will relax the “3+4” quarantine arrangement for foreign arrivals to “0+7” in next few weeks

Dr.Leung Pak-yin

10th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) Recently, it has been widely rumoured that the “3+4” quarantine arrangement for foreign arrivals will be further relaxed to “0+7”. Dr.Leung Pak-yin, the former chief executive of the Hospital Authority, posted on social media today (10th) that he is still optimistic that the government will change to “0+7” arrangement in the next few weeks. He is of the opinion that even though there are still many “conservative hardliners” who resist the relaxation in the society, he believes in the wisdom of the authorities which will adhere to the recovery pace.

Regarding the road to normalcy in society, he emphasised that the most important issue at present is not how many people have been diagnosed, but the number of hospitalised and critically ill patients, and whether the situation will affect the services of the Hospital Authority (HA). Therefore, he suggested that the government should seriously reassess the hospital admission and discharge standards of the HA, and the operational data of designated clinics and telemedicine to determine the load of medical services. He continued to point out that there are currently about 3,000 infected patients in hospitals. He hopes that the HA will analyse the infection status of these inpatients. He believes that many patients have become virus-free, and they are hospitalised due to their own illnesses, not because of infection.

He mentioned that if the patient has not been diagnosed, the relevant figures should be excluded from the calculation of the number of hospitalisations in order to obtain accurate data. Therefore, he suggested that the authorities should set up the admission and discharge criteria. Even if the number of infected cases increases, he believes that the service load is still manageable.