Former Carousell Hong Kong Managing Director William Ip sentenced to 90-hour community service order for assaulting his wife

William Ip

1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Former Hong Kong Managing Director of Carousell, William Ip, has been sentenced to a 90-hour community service order after admitting to assaulting his wife during a marital dispute. The incident arose when Ip’s wife suspected him of infidelity, leading to a confrontation between the couple. Ip was accused of strangling his wife for about three minutes, resulting in charges of common assault. Initially, Ip denied the charges but changed his plea to guilty just before the scheduled trial last month. Acting Judge Paul Yip, presiding over the case at the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts, deemed a 90-hour community service order appropriate, accepting the report that characterised the incident as a singular event and concluded that a rehabilitative approach was not suitable.

The defendant, William Ip, aged 52, who works as an information technology technician, was charged with the assault of a woman surnamed Wong in the corridor of Kornhill on 15th October, 2023. According to the agreed facts, the defendant and the victim got married on 30th October, 2015, but their relationship had deteriorated since June 2023. On the night of the incident, at around 11pm, a heated argument erupted between the couple inside their residence at Kornhill In the midst of the intense quarrel, the victim left the premises, with the defendant closely following her. Fearing for her safety, the victim shouted for help, prompting the defendant to grab her neck with his right hand for approximately three minutes. As a result, she experienced difficulty breathing and felt pain. The victim was subsequently taken to the Eastern Hospital for medical treatment, where she was diagnosed with injuries to her back, legs, and a reddened neck.

During the mitigation plea, the defence acknowledged the defendant’s positive report, expressed his remorse, and accepted the community service order. However, the defence requested a reduction in the duration of the order, citing the defendant’s busy work schedule and limited visitation rights with his children granted by the Family Court, restricted to Saturdays and Sundays only. In response, the judge, who also has children and understands the importance of spending time with them, suggested discussing and arranging a suitable schedule with the probation officer. Information reveals that the defendant previously held the position of Executive Director at PayPal Hong Kong and later joined the online classifieds marketplace Carousell as the Managing Director for Hong Kong in 2019, responsible for formulating the overall business development strategy. However, he subsequently left Carousell.