Former actress Michelle Reis’s true appearance exposed in candid photo, criticised for revealing age-related details


    2nd December 2023 – (Shanghai) Michelle Reis, the 53-year-old former actress, has been away from the screen for many years. However, she frequently updates her social media accounts, sharing glimpses of her personal life. Recently, she posted a sweet photo celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary with her husband, Julian Hui, in Shanghai.

    During their trip to Shanghai, a mainland Chinese netizen unexpectedly encountered Michelle Reis, her husband, and their son. The netizen shared a photo of the encounter on social media. In the picture, Michelle Reis stood side by side with the netizen, and her fair and radiant complexion was clearly visible. She wore a smile on her face, and her cheeks appeared plump and youthful, showcasing a remarkably age-defying look that amazed numerous netizens. However, some netizens noticed the presence of veins on the back of her hands, which distinguished them from the hands of younger women and revealed her true age. Others criticised Michelle Reis’s fashion sense, harshly commenting, “Her sense of style is really lacking,” “It’s not about age, it’s about coordination,” “She relies on her appearance for everything,” “Indeed, she solely relies on her face,” and “I feel that she has a stunning and flawless face, but her fashion choices are really lacking.”

    The netizen shared a photo of the encounter on social media.

    Michelle Reis recently visited Melacca in Malaysia