Former actress Florence Kwok’s Hangzhou apartment reveals spacious walk-in wardrobe

    Florence Kwok

    25th June 2024 – (Hangzhou) Florence Kwok, the 55-year-old actress who rose to fame after participating in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1992, has been leading a low-key life in Hangzhou, mainland China, since 2020. Known for her successful live-streaming and product endorsements, she has become a wealthy and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

    Recently, Florence Kwok delighted her fans by sharing a glimpse of her luxurious residence in Hangzhou. One particular area that caught everyone’s attention was her spacious walk-in wardrobe. Not only is it generously sized, but it also offers breathtaking views from the windows. Florence jokingly remarked that she often gets lost in the scenery and forgets to change her clothes.

    In addition to the wardrobe, Florence Kwok took her followers on a tour of other parts of her home. As a meticulous Virgo, every storage space in her house is impeccably organised, with items neatly arranged and labelled.

    Many people have praised Florence Kwok for ageing gracefully and exuding a sense of elegance and prosperity. Despite her success, she remains unmarried. Throughout her career, she has openly admitted to being involved in two relationships. During the filming of the TVB drama series “A Kindred Spirit,” she had a romantic entanglement with married actor Lau Siu Kwan, which eventually led to his divorce from his wife, Elaine Chow. Reflecting on the incident years later, Florence expressed regret for her actions as a third party and stated that she was young and immature at the time. She has since vowed not to become involved with married individuals. Following her split with Lau Siu Kwan, she briefly dated TVB director Chung Kwok Keung but ended the relationship due to work-related pressures.