Foreigner accused of giving instructions to protestors at New Town Plaza turns out to be a local blogger in Hong Kong


16th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Ann Chiang Lai-wan, JP, a member of Hong Kong Legislative Council posted a video on her Facebook today asking why there are always presence of foreigners during each protest. She questioned as to why a foreigner was spotted giving hand gestures during the violent clash in New Town Plaza on Sunday. She alleged that the foreigner was giving secret instructions to protestors. Global Times even quoted Ann Chiang’s statement from her Facebook with regards to her accusations.

However, we found out that the foreigner was in fact a blogger who has a twitter account ‘Hong Kong Hermit’. Apparently, he has lived in Hong Kong over 10 years and he was also present at several protests in the past few weeks.

In response to Ann’s accusations, he sarcastically twitted, ‘Me twitchily scratching my muffin-top while livestreaming is now evidence for foreign forces.