Foreign Domestic Helper demands employer to remember her birthday and celebrate for her, ‘dead rat smell’ at home linked to her menstruation


29th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) An employer recently posted an article on Facebook page recently mentioning that her foreign domestic helper had just started working and decided to leave. She recalled a time when she detected dead rat smell at home and accidentally discovered a habit of the foreign domestic helper.

She said that she hired a foreign domestic helper who is single at the end of September this year. She was mainly responsible for taking care of her 10-month-old baby. She mentioned that she has another 3-year-old child and an elderly person in the family. The elderly family member is responsible for cooking on weekdays. She said that since is housewife, she “does a lot of things by herself.” The helper only had to be responsible for simple housework, but to her surprise, she pointed out that the helper decided to resign this month because of “heavy workload”.

The employer recalled that on the first day of work of the foreign domestic helper, she asked if she could eat the food at home and she also requested turn on the air conditioner. She also mentioned that the helper didn’t have a towel when she took a shower on that day, so she provided a towel to her, but the employer was surprised that she did not wash her own towel for a whole month. Hence, she asked her to wash her towel. The helper then asked her to provide her with two towels instead.

The employer also mentioned that the helper kept reminding her of her birthday on 1st November at the end of October, and the family had also ordered a birthday cake and planned to make fried chicken for her to eat. Unexpectedly, on 30th October, when her family members finished cooking and wanted to go out to eat in the living room, they were stopped by the helper who the family members to go with her to the calendar to repeat that 1st November was her birthday. The employer pointed out that the family members began to feel disgusted over her persistency and the cultural diversity.

In addition, the employe pointed out that she detected odour of dead rat at home a couple of days ago, but she couldn’t trace the source. Later, she found out that the helper was menstruating, so she suspected the smell came from the helper. She then told her to change her sanitary pads carefully, because she would easily be infected with gynaecological diseases. The helper then responded that she had no money to buy, so the employer had to advance her salary for her to buy. After taking the money, she insisted to send the money back home instead of buying sanitary pads.

The employer felt helpless and frustrated over the issue. She also mentioned that she originally planned to go out to work after her eldest daughter starts to go school full-time. So, a foreign domestic helper was hired to help take care of her baby. Unexpectedly, the helper suddenly resigned. Many netizens felt that the helper was demanding too much and the employer should just let her go.