Football fans gather at HK Stadium to support HK Football team while shouting ‘Liberate HK! Revolutions of Times’, human chain to be formed later

Hong Kong Stadium

10th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Netizens called upon local football fans to support Hong Kong football team in the ‘FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers’ Round. Fans were asked to gather outside Exit F of Causeway Bay MTR Station at 7pm today before walking towards Hong Kong Stadium on Eastern Hospital Road. Many of them were shouting slogans i.e. ‘Hong Kongers! Add Oil!’ ‘Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of Times!’ as they walked towards the stadium. All fans have been asked to dressed in red T-shirts or Hong Kong Football jerseys to support Hong Kong football team. Some already reached the stadium at 7.30pm. Many police officers were at the area to maintain order.

Football fans left Exit F of Causeway Bay MTR Station.

The fans would gather later at the flag pole in the stadium before singing Glory to Hong Kong’. During halftime, fans would gather again next to the flag pole before forming a human chain around the stadium.

Football fans shouting slogans
Police were seen at the stadium at 6.30pm.