Food poisoning outbreak at Mong Kok BBQ restaurant leaves eight affected in three clusters


25th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Department of Health’s Centre for Health Protection (CHP) is currently investigating three food poisoning clusters involving eight individuals. The clusters are believed to be epidemiologically linked, and the CHP has urged the public to practice personal, food, and environmental hygiene to prevent foodborne illnesses. The investigation suggests that the affected individuals consumed common food items, specifically grilled oysters and grilled lamb skewers, which may have been contaminated with norovirus and/or Salmonella.

The first cluster involves two females, aged 17 and 48, who experienced symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and fever approximately 33 to 43 hours after dining at a BBQ restaurant named ‘木屋燒烤’ in Mong Kok, located at Shop A, G/F, Chong Hing Square, 593-601 Nathan Road, on 19th June.

The second cluster includes two males and two females, aged between 30 and 49, who developed similar symptoms about 33 to 56 hours after having supper at the same restaurant on June 20.

The third cluster involves a male and a female, aged 24 and 20 respectively, who experienced similar symptoms approximately 34 to 37 hours after their supper at the same restaurant on June 21.

Out of the eight affected individuals, four sought medical advice. Fortunately, none of them required hospitalisation, and all are currently in stable condition.

Initial investigations by the CHP indicate that the affected individuals consumed grilled oysters and grilled lamb skewers, which are suspected to be the source of the foodborne illness. The potential causative agents are norovirus and/or Salmonella.

Grilled lamb skewers served at the restaurant.

Following the incident, personnel from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s Centre for Food Safety (CFS) conducted an inspection at the restaurant on 24th June. The premises were instructed to suspend the sale of the implicated food items and carry out thorough cleaning and disinfection. Additionally, the CFS provided health education to the restaurant staff concerning food safety and environmental hygiene. Investigations by both the CHP and the CFS are ongoing.