Following Guangzhou, housing estates in Shenzhen are now in lockdown to prevent virus spread


8th February 2020 – (Shenzhen) The first death case of novel coronavirus infection has been reported in the Guangdong province. According to the Guangdong Health Commission, as of yesterday, the province has reported a total of 1,018 confirmed novel coronavirus and one death. 74 new cases were reported.

Shenzhen Wuhan Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters announced that with immediate effect, housing estates in the city will be in lockdown. Residents with a history of travelling in epidemic zones in the last 14 days will be isolated at home; those who were in close contact with infected patients will be placed in isolation. Vehicles entering Shenzhen must apply online in advance before entering Shenzhen from today onwards.

Earlier yesterday, the local government of Guangzhou announced today that lockdown measures have been implemented at housing estates and villages in Guangzhou. Non-residents are not allowed to enter each housing estate and village. Residents must enter and leave with resident passes and temperature check will be conducted. Residents returning from overseas or other provinces must submit all their travel history and health declaration online.