Florinda Ho, late Stanley Ho’s daughter, flaunts fit figure in glassblowing session

    Florinda Ho

    10th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Florinda Ho, the daughter of the late casino magnate Stanley Ho, has been making headlines since she accepted her boyfriend Douglas’ marriage proposal in September two years ago. As her wedding day approaches, Florinda Ho has been focusing on her fitness, showcasing her toned physique in a recent glassblowing session. In a series of candid photos shared on her social media story on the evening of the 8th, Florinda Ho not only appeared makeup-free but also sported a sports bra top and yoga pants, highlighting her sculpted figure.

    The photos captured Florinda Ho’s successful attempt at glassblowing, revealing her graceful shoulders and collarbones. Donning protective eyewear and holding an iron rod, she carefully placed it into a kiln burning at a temperature of 900°C. The glassblowing process requires continuous heating, as prolonged production time can cause the glass to cool down, affecting its quality and even leading to deformities. Florinda Ho skillfully managed to complete a glass piece within a 30-minute timeframe. In another snapshot, she proudly posed with her finished glass creations in shades of blue and powder blue, showcasing her natural beauty without the use of makeup.