Flight booking information for couple returning to HK from Osaka claimed to be ‘missing’ by HK Express resulting in loss around HK$10,000


4th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) After the COVID-19 epidemic eased, many Hong Kong residents bought air tickets to travel abroad, but TVB programme “Scoop” reported an incident yesterday night that a couple could not get on the plane during return flight on Hong Kong Express flight no. UO-0899 from Osaka to Hong Kong. Mr. Kwan and his wife bought air tickets to Osaka through an online platform. They had no issues during their outbound journey, but on their way back, the local ground staff pointed out that the booking record could not be found. In the end, Kwan and his wife failed to board the plane and had to buy another airline ticket to return to Hong Kong. The losses were estimated at around HK$10,000.

Itinerary sent to Kwan via email.

After he bought the ticket through a third-party company, Kwan went to the airline website to pay extra for seat selection, but when he arrived at the airport on the day of the return trip, his booking information was missing. According to the information, the staff asked Kwan and his wife to buy an additional air ticket at a cost of about HK$16,000 per person. Despite receiving confirmed itinerary via email, the ground staff member refused to acknowledge the couple’s booking status. After deliberating for more than half an hour, when Kwan asked another staff member to check the booking records, the staff still failed to find the booking information, and even asked Kwan and his wife why they could not board the plane. After returning to Hong Kong, Kwan complained to Hong Kong Express and received two unsatisfactory replies because the airline asked for video or photo records of the staff member as proof. Despite writing multiple e-mails and messages via WhatsApp to the airline, no compensation has been offered. Meanwhile, the airline has yet to respond to TVB on the matter.

Source: TVB
Source: TVB