Flight attendants ridicule Cathay Pacific for its ‘overloaded’ on-call schedule to require them to work on 3 flights per day


7th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union held a meeting yesterday, and many air stewardess lamented over their ridiculous work load. The union representative Siu Wing-yan spoke out on behalf of the members yesterday, and disclosed the outrageous changes in workload that were previously unknown to the public.

She said that if a flight attendant is arranged to fly three medium-haul flights a day e.g. the first flight would be to India before flying back to Hong Kong from India on the same day, and there would be another relay flight to Japan on the same night. As a result of the non-stop flights, the flight attendant would not have enough time to rest and the quality of service is compromised.

Although some passengers had complaints about Cathay Pacific’s performance, they also understood the plight of flight attendants but it’s still very difficult for them to persist.

Siu said that employees have made a fuss about the company’s “on call” schedule. The chaotic situation actually started as early as the beginning of this year. The union has been working hard to communicate with the company, but after nearly a year, there is still no response. During this period, the company’s flights continued to increase. Some Cathay Pacific employees who attended the meeting yesterday admitted that they have no confidence in the company’s recruitment of additional manpower, because the basic salary offered by the company is as low as HK$9,000 which is not competitive in the labour market. The salary of a new university graduate has long been more than HK$9,000. Some Cathay Pacific employees who attended the meeting were angry when they talked about their work, and they had a lot of resentment towards the management. When Cathay Pacific hired additional staff earlier, netizens ridiculed that the base salary was too low, not much higher than the minimum wage.