Flash exhibition at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park marks Doraemon exhibition’s return to Hong Kong after 12 years


25th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) After a hiatus of 12 years, the highly anticipated Doraemon exhibition, titled “100% Doraemon & Friends,” is set to captivate fans from 13th July to 4th August. The event, organised by AllRightsReserved (ARR), kicked off today with a flash exhibition at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, showcasing a sneak peek of 60 new Doraemon sculptures and a towering 12-meter inflatable Doraemon.

In addition, the organiser announced that the free exhibition zone will be located at Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, where visitors can marvel at the world’s tallest inflatable Doraemon, standing at an impressive 12 meters. This special sculpture pays homage to the iconic Japanese manga artist, Fujiko F. Fujio, on the occasion of his 90th birth anniversary. The sculpture depicts Doraemon wearing a painter’s hat and holding a brush. Meanwhile, the ticketed area will feature an exclusive original animation titled “Takeshi Goda’s Concert in Hong Kong” and offer immersive experiential spaces and interactive installations. Ticket sales began at 11am this morning.

In a heartwarming revelation, the daughter of the creator of Doraemon shared that her father drew inspiration from his daily life, using a magical notebook to document his ideas. This notebook served as his treasure trove of creativity. The exhibition also featured insights from Lin Shu-hsin, the mastermind behind the event, who credited its success to the suggestions he received from the previous exhibition held 12 years ago.

Following the success of the exhibition in Hong Kong back in 2012, AllRightsReserved (ARR) has joined forces with Fujiko F. Fujio’s company, once again to present one of the world’s largest Doraemon exhibitions— the “100% Doraemon & Friends” touring exhibition in Hong Kong.

ARR kicked off the flash exhibition this morning at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, featuring the 12-meter-tall inflatable Doraemon sculpture and a preview of 60 never-before-seen Doraemon sculptures, accounting for half of the 135 sculptures to be displayed during the exhibition. Fujiko F. Fujio’s daughter and the president of Fujiko Pro, Jitsuko Katsumata, graced the event in Hong Kong, joining forces with ARR’s founder, SK Lam, to launch a series of activities. The first-ever global drone performance featuring Doraemon will take place tonight at 7.30pm near the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui.