Flamboyant couple Stephen and Deborah Hung visit Art Basel and party with New York graffiti artist Alec Monopoly

    Alec Monopoly with Deborah Hung posing in front of her pink Rolls Royce.

    22nd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Alec Monopoly, the graffiti artist from New York, continues to make headlines with his extravagant lifestyle and larger-than-life personality. Known for his signature “Monopoly Man” character and his love for flashy cars, luxury watches, and fine dining experiences, the New York-based artist recently made a splash in Hong Kong during the Art Basel week.

    Accompanied by his equally flamboyant friends, Bling Empire: New York cast members Stephen Hung (the man behind the failed scandal-hit luxury casino-resort Louis XIII in Macao) and Deborah Valdez-Hung (the ex-model from Mexico), Alec Monopoly was suspected to be touring the Art Basel fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday. Later in the evening, the trio headed to a private party where Alec was spotted showcasing his DJing skills, spinning some of the latest tracks to get the crowd pumped up.

    Deborah Hung with Alec Monopoly in her pink Rolls Royce. Source: Instgram/Stephenhungofficial
    Stephen Hung with Alec Monopoly. Source: Instgram/Stephenhungofficial
    Alec Monopoly showed off his DJ-ing skills at a private party last night. Source: Instagram/Deborahhung

    Alec Monopoly’s fame extends far beyond Hong Kong’s borders. The artist has worked in urban environments across the world, including Miami, Los Angeles, Europe, Mexico, and Asia, using a variety of materials to depict various pop culture characters. His artworks have become highly sought-after, with collectors and enthusiasts willing to pay top dollar for a piece of his work.

    In addition to his artistic talents, Alec Monopoly is known for his love of fast cars, especially his Lamborghini and Ferrari F8 Spider, which he often poses with on his social media accounts. He’s also a self-proclaimed foodie, having dined on US$500 truffles in Milan and indulging in other lavish dining experiences around the world.

    Despite the global pandemic, Alec Monopoly has continued to travel the world, documenting his experiences on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. His jet-setting lifestyle has taken him to exotic locations such as Dubai, Egypt, and Italy, where he’s explored local culture, cuisine, and art scenes.

    It’s no surprise that Alec Monopoly’s flashy lifestyle has attracted the attention of other high-profile individuals, such as Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung. Their equally ostentatious lifestyles have made them natural companions for the graffiti artist, as they navigate the exclusive circles of the elite in New York and beyond.