Fitness trainer sentenced to 40 months in prison for scamming 2 women a total of HK$4.05m


28th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) A 70-year-old woman met a young male fitness trainer at a fitness centre 2 years ago. She believed that he could help her to obtain refund the millions of Hong Kong dollars spent on purchasing courses over the years. She was tricked into paying more than 2.6 million Hong Kong dollars by the other party to pay handling fees or legal fees and was deceived by the other party to use up the credit card limit to buy expensive watches before getting a refund.

The elderly woman was finally scammed of more than 3.5 million Hong Kong dollars. The fitness instructor used the same method to defraud another woman of more than 550,000 Hong Kong dollars, and was arrested last year. The fitness instructor pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud in the District Court today (28th) and was sentenced to 40 months in prison. The judge pointed out that the case is very serious, and the defendant should reflect on himself in prison, pointing out that the victim may have been cheated of the victims’ life savings and advised the defendant not to commit another crime.