First Western man diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms hospitalised for more than 1 month in Phuket


22nd January 2020 – (Thailand) A British man who has been hospitalised for more than a month has been fighting for his life in Phuket. He is believed to be the first Western victim of the coronavirus that has spread all over major cities in China and around the world.

Ash Shorley, 32, is in critical condition in a hospital in Phuket after being infected with lung infection during his visit Koh Phi Phi island. 

Mr Shorley had to be transported to hospital by a specialised seaplane because his lung had collapsed and he could not cope with high altitude travel. 

Doctors expressed that his symptoms were consistent with the Chinese coronavirus – but more tests are being carried out to confirm the diagnosis. He has been in hospital for nearly a month. Ash is a sales manager and actor who has appeared in British TV soaps Coronation Street and Hollyoaks. His parents, who are currently in Thailand are funded with the help of a GoFundMe page, say he has lost more than 32kg since he has been hospitalised.