First record in history if second No.8 typhoon signal hoisted within 3 days after recent tropical storm “Lionrock”


12th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) Severe tropical storm Kompasu quickly approached Hong Kong and entered an area of ​​800 kilometres from Hong Kong. The Observatory issued a strong wind signal No. 3 at 0.40 am today (12th). It is predicted that the Kompasu will soon enter within 400 kilometres of Hong Kong tonight and will be upgraded to a typhoon. Its wind speed will increase further, and the No. 8 gale or storm signal may be issued. If the typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted today, it will become the second No. 8 typhoon signal that will be hoisted 3 days after the recent departure of tropical storm “Lionrock”.

The director of the observatory, Cheng Cho-ming said that both the Kompasu and the Lionrock belong to the autumn typhoon category. Southern China will be affected by the northeast monsoon. When tropical cyclones enter the South China Sea, the two will have a common effect, which will increase the wind force. Cheng pointed out that when Kompasu approaches the south of Hong Kong, the relevant rainband will move closer to the mouth of the Pearl River and the wind speed will increase. It is expected that the wind will be strongest from late today to early tomorrow.