First flight to benefit from “0+3” arrangement will be Cathay Pacific/Finnair flight from Melbourne expected to arrive at 6.55am on 26th September


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government will relax the anti-epidemic measures for people arriving in Hong Kong from overseas or Taiwan, but the implementation time will be at 6am on that day, and the new” 0+3″ arrangement can only be applied to flights arriving at 6am or after.

According to the website of Hong Kong International Airport, the earliest flight to Hong Kong on 26th September will be Hong Kong Airlines HX285 from Taipei. Passengers on this flight will not benefit from the latest measure.

The first flight that is expected to benefit from the new “0+3” arrangement will be a flight jointly operated by Cathay Pacific and Finnair, it will arrive in Hong Kong from Melbourne, Australia, and is expected to arrive in Hong Kong at 6.55 am. If the flight does not arrive earlier, passengers will be exempted from hotel quarantine. It is no longer necessary to provide a nucleic acid test report 48 hours before boarding, and passengers can take public transportation or own transport to go home or go to hotels of their choice.