First day of arrival from overseas to be counted as ‘Day 0’ and not ‘Day 1’ in shortened 3-day hotel quarantine, refund for those who have booked 7 days in hotels


8th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The government announced this morning that the quarantine period in hotels for overseas arrivals will be reduced to 3 days starting 12th August. Overseas arrivals will be required to undergo 3 days of hotel quarantine and 4 days of home medical surveillance.

Those entering the city will be issued a “yellow code” until they complete the quarantine. Under the new system, the day a passenger arrives in Hong Kong will be defined as “Day 0”, the first day of quarantine. Quarantine will be completed at noon on the 4th day in Hong Kong.

If the arrival in Hong Kong on the day the new arrangement takes effect this Friday (12th) is counted, it will be regarded as “Day 0”. The next three days, namely Saturday to next Monday (13th to 15th) ) will be regarded as “Day 1 to Day 3” (2nd to 4th days of arrival). In other words, travellers can complete the quarantine on the morning of the next Monday (the 4th day of arrival) after the third day of hotel quarantine at the earliest, and return to their homes for the remaining 4-day home medical surveillance period.

In addition, overseas arrivals are required to undergo 5 nucleic acid tests, including the day of arrival (to be tested at the airport), the second day at quarantine hotels, the fourth, the sixth, and the ninth day atcommunity centres, mobile sampling stations and accredited laboratory.

At the same time, they need to take daily rapid antigen test until the 10th day of arrival in Hong Kong.

It was pointed out that the day of arrival in Hong Kong is counted as Day 0, after which the person will be quarantined in designated quarantine hotels for 3 days, and he/she can leave the hotel at noon on the third day of arrival.

Under the new measures, passengers who have booked a 7-day quarantine hotel do not need to make changes. They can use the original documents for boarding and entry procedures. The quarantine hotel will refund the paid remaining room fares according to the new measure, but it will take time to process.