First aid syringes for COVID-19 vacinees with severe allergic reactions to be provided to private doctors


23rd February 2021 – (Hong Kong) The SINOVAC vaccination program is now underway, and private doctors are expected to join next week. The Hong Kong Government today (23rd) introduced the detailed arrangements for vaccination to more than 1,200 private doctors participating in the vaccination plan. Some doctors disclosed that when doctors order vaccines from the Hong Kong Government, the Hong Kong Government will provide first aid syringes containing Epinephrine for vaccinees who developed severe allergic reactions in an emergency situation. The Hong Kong Government will also review the procedures of each doctor’s vaccination service and deliver the second dose of vaccine on time to ensure a balance between supply and demand.

Dr.Henry Yeung, president of the Hong Kong Doctor Union said that in the next one or two days, private doctors can order CoronaVAC vaccines by SINOVAC online. They can order 40 or 80 doses each time. It is estimated that private clinics will be able to vaccinate citizens from the middle of next week. If someone does not stay for 30 minutes for observation after being vaccinated, the doctor can try his best to persuade that if the vaccinated person wants to leave, the clinic party cannot force the other party to stay, and the doctor is legally exempt from responsibility. Yeung also pointed out that private doctors will receive a subsidy of HK$80 for each dose of vaccine, and an additional HK$40 for the second dose of vaccine.

The authorities have also improved the program system, such as using an electronic consent form. Before the citizens sign the consent form, doctors will review whether the citizens’ health is suitable for vaccination.