Firefighting Boeing 737 crashes in Ravensthorpe, Australia



6th February 2023 – (Ravensthorpe) A firefighting Boeing 737 belonging to Coulson Aviation has crashed near Ravensthorpe, Western Australia, Australia. The aircraft, registered as N619SW, was involved in an operation to fight a bushfire in the Fitzgerald River National Park. 

The Boeing 737-300 departed from Busselton Regional Airport (BQB), which is over 220 kilometers (136 miles) south of Perth, Australia, at 3.32pm local time (UTC +8). It flew for more than 40 minutes before it crashed in the Fitzgerald River National Park. According to data, its last recorded altitude was 675 feet (205.7 meters) at 4.13pm local time (UTC +8). 

This was the third flight of the day for the aircraft as, up to that point, it had been ferrying between BQB, the National Park, and back again prior to the incident. 

It arrived in BQB on 13th December, 2022. 

Local media reported that the two pilots managed to free themselves and were airlifted to nearby Ravensthorpe Airport (RVT) by a fellow firefighting helicopter.  

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) announced that it was launching an investigation into the incident. 

“The ATSB is assembling a team of transport safety investigators from its Perth and Canberra offices with experience in aircraft operations and maintenance, human factors and data recovery to conduct the evidence collection phase of the investigation,” read the bureau’s statement. “The scope of the investigation and its timeframe will be determined as the ATSB builds its understanding of the nature of the accident,” the ATSB continued.  

Another Coulson Aviation firefighting aircraft, namely a Lockheed C-130, crashed in Australia in 2020. The C-130 stalled, claiming the lives of three crew members when it was fighting bushfires in New South Wales, Australia.