Firefighters gather at Wu Tip Shan to search again missing 58-year-old woman who went hiking last month after towel discovered

A similar towel belonging to the missing woman was found on a tree recently.

2nd October 2022 – (Hong Kong) On the 14th of last month, Lam Siu-yee, a 58-year-old woman went missing after she left his residence on Yat Ming Road. Her family made a report to Police on the same day. She was suspected to have been missing after hiking at Wu Tip Shan in Fanling.

Two days ago, Lam’s husband, Mr. Tam, posted on Facebook that some hikers had found a towel used by his wife at Pak Tai To Yan mountain earlier. They saw the same towel hanging on a tree. However, a few days later, they passed the site again, only to find that the towel had disappeared. He hoped that hikers could notify him if they come across the towel again.

He said yesterday that a hiker found his wife’s towel and water bottle on Pak Tai To Yan mountain. He passed the relevant information to the police, but the police replied that the search operation had ended.

The Civil Aid Service Team and the Voluntary Search and Rescue Team have sent personnel to search for several days, but unfortunately there is still no news, and the Voluntary Search Team also announced last Friday (30th September) to terminate the operation. At about 9am today, the firefighters gathered again at Wu Tip Shan and started a search and rescue.