Fire incident in Mong Kok tenement building results in hospitalisation of family of three, woman arrested for arson


25th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A fire broke out in a corridor of a tenement building located at 48-50 Tong Choi Street. As a result, a family of three was taken to the hospital for treatment due to smoke inhalation. Following an investigation conducted by law enforcement officers, a woman named Wu (33 years old) was subsequently arrested at the intersection of Sai Yeung Choi Street and Shantung Street on suspicion of arson. She is currently being detained for further questioning, and her motive for the crime remains under investigation.

The incident occurred at approximately 6pm yesterday when law enforcement officers received a report stating that smoke was emanating from the corridor of the implicated tenement building. Around 20 individuals evacuated the premises on their own and sought temporary refuge outside. Some individuals, faced with the urgency of the situation, resorted to climbing down external wall scaffolding, making their escape a perilous endeavour. It was reported that during the evacuation, an eyewitness observed a woman in the corridor who appeared to be starting the fire. When questioned, the woman allegedly responded, “Burning some things,” before quickly fleeing the scene.

Upon the arrival of the fire department, firefighters promptly extinguished the flames and successfully rescued a dog from one of the units within the tenement building. During the incident, a family of three members, including a 3-year-old girl from Mainland China, her 27-year-old mother surnamed Xie, and her 52-year-old grandmother surnamed Ho, experienced smoke inhalation and discomfort. All three individuals were conscious and were transported to Kwong Wah Hospital for medical treatment.