Fire engulfs Shek Kong residence, claiming 40 cat lives

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10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A fierce fire engulfed a residential property in Shek Kong. The blaze erupted at approximately 11am within a two-storey tin house located at 157 Kam Shui South Road, near Kam Sheung Road. Firefighters responded to the emergency call, dispatching a team equipped with hoses and smoke masks to combat the inferno.

No human injuries were reported, and the evacuation of residents was not necessary. The diligent efforts of the firefighting team led to the successful containment of the fire by 12.29pm, just over an hour after it started.

The firefighters discovered the lifeless bodies of 40 cats at the scene, suspected to be victims of the raging fire. Reports suggest that an abandoned dog kennel adjacent to the property may have been affected by the incident. Authorities are currently in contact with the responsible party of the kennel as they investigate the cause of the fire.