Fire breaks out in Wang Man House, Cheung Wang Estate, 39-year-old male occupant arrested for arson


29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) At 12.48am today, a fire erupted in a lower-level unit of Wang Man House in Cheung Wang Estate, engulfing the area in thick smoke. Fortunately, an observant resident noticed the blaze and immediately alerted the occupants upstairs, shouting, “Fire! Everyone, evacuate quickly!” The incident prompted a swift response from the fire department.

Upon receiving the report, firefighters rushed to the scene, employing hoses and extinguishers to battle the flames. After approximately 14 minutes of intense efforts, they successfully extinguished the fire. Over fifty residents were safely evacuated to the ground floor during the incident, and fortunately, no injuries were reported. Following a thorough investigation, authorities suspect foul play and have initiated an inquiry.

Authorities faced difficulties in establishing contact with the male occupant, surnamed Cheng (39 years old), of the unit where the fire originated. Consequently, they conducted an extensive search in the vicinity, ultimately apprehending the individual near Hang Yip House in Cheung Hang Estate. Subsequent investigations led to his arrest on suspicion of arson, and he was promptly taken to a medical facility for examination.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the male occupant had engaged in disruptive behaviour the previous evening (28th), throwing objects from his residence onto the street and creating loud noises by pounding on wooden doors. The fire, which broke out in the early hours of the morning, was allegedly ignited intentionally by the male resident, resulting in the destruction of a sofa. Local residents, confirmed the man’s history of criminal activity, noting a past arrest for vandalising a glass door in a neighbouring building. Reports also indicate that the male occupant has a history of emotional instability.