Fire breaks out in Lam Tei’s Fu Hong Court, three dogs rescued


17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) At 10.38am today a fire erupted in a unit at Fu Hong Court, located in Lam Tei’s San Hing Tsuen. Thick smoke billowed from the premises, accompanied by reports of an explosion. Firefighters swiftly responded to the scene, deploying a hose and a team of smoke divers to combat the blaze. Their heroic efforts led to the rescue of three dogs trapped inside the premises. By 11.10am, the fire was successfully extinguished, with no injuries reported. Preliminary investigations suggest that a short circuit in an outdoor fish tank caused the fire.

The incident took place in a three-story village house, with the fire originating from stored items outside the ground floor unit. Mrs. Chu, the resident of the third-floor unit, recounted the sequence of events. She explained that all occupants of the ground and second-floor units were away at the time, including a family of three residing on the ground floor. Mrs. Chu and her husband initially detected a smoky odour, assuming it was the result of burning garbage. However, the situation quickly escalated. Mrs. Chu recalled, “The smoke kept getting thicker… before we even dialled 999, there was already a fire.” Hastily alerting emergency services, they made their way out of the building, witnessing the intense flames and hearing a loud “bang.” She added, “Sparks were flying everywhere!” Following the incident, Mrs. Chu contacted the affected unit’s residents, and the homeowner’s daughter rushed back to assess the situation. The homeowner’s concerned sister, who lives nearby, also hurried to the scene upon hearing the news.

The aftermath revealed severe damage to the outdoor belongings, with the items completely consumed by the fire. The electrical wiring and exterior walls were charred, and the bedding hung on the balcony of an upper-floor unit was burnt to ashes. The homeowner’s sister expressed her relief, saying, “We were so worried about the dogs!” Fortunately, all three dogs were unharmed.