Fire breaks out in Hung Hom Market Cooked Food Centre, one worker sustains injuries


9th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) At 11.26am today, a fire broke out in the Hung Hom Market Cooked Food Centre located at 11 Ma Tau Wai Road. The incident occurred while a restaurant staff member was cooking, leading to suspicions of an oven malfunction. Thick smoke quickly filled the premises and began to escape through ventilation ducts, billowing outside the building. Multiple reports were made to the fire department, prompting a rapid response.

Upon receiving the emergency calls, firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and deployed a team equipped with breathing apparatus to tackle the blaze. The area was engulfed in a strong and pungent odor as the fire raged. Rescue teams were dispatched to assist in the evacuation of residents within the cooked food market. During the incident, one worker sustained burns to their hand and was promptly transported to the hospital for medical treatment by an ambulance.