Fire breaks out in high-rise residential building in Guangzhou after fireworks mishap


11th February 2024 – (Guangzhou) A residential building in a high-rise housing estate in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, became the site of a dangerous incident during the Lunar New Year celebrations. A resident’s attempt to set off fireworks resulted in a fire that quickly engulfed their apartment, prompting the arrival of over twenty firefighters who swiftly took control of the situation.

Video footage captured by a bystander shows the moment when a firework, intended for the night sky, veered off course and shot directly into an apartment on one of the upper levels. The firework’s impact caused an immediate explosion, igniting a blaze within the residence. Despite the chaos, the sound of other fireworks could still be heard in the vicinity. The individual who filmed the incident noted that they were fortunate to be on their balcony at the time and were able to alert their family and seek help.

Within a short span of time, more than twenty firefighters rushed to the scene, joined by a group of concerned citizens. Their combined efforts lasted over an hour as they worked tirelessly to gain access to the burning apartment. Finally, their determined actions paid off, and they successfully extinguished the flames.

Prior to this incident, it was reported that the city of Guangzhou strictly restricts the use of fireworks and firecrackers to designated areas. Districts such as Panyu, Huadu, Nansha, Zengcheng, and Conghua have allocated specific zones for residents to engage in this traditional New Year’s activity. However, the areas of Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun, and Huangpu have implemented a city-wide ban on the use of fireworks and firecrackers.