Fire breaks out at Tai Wo Village in Tsuen Wan, around 9 residents evacuated

Tai Wo Village fire

26th March 2023. (Hong Kong) A fire broke out at around 7.17pm today in a corrugated iron house at Tai Wo Village in Tsuen Wan and subsequently spread to five nearby houses. The incident was reported by local residents, who sought help from the fire department. Firefighters promptly arrived on the scene with two hoses and two teams of smoke cap crews to extinguish the fire. During the operation, nine residents were safely evacuated, and no casualties were reported.

The fire department has issued an appeal to the public to remain calm and cooperate with the ongoing firefighting operation. Citizens are advised to close their doors and windows and stay indoors if they are affected by the smoke and smell emanating from the fire. The firefighting team is working to put out the fire as quickly as possible, and residents in the vicinity have been urged to follow instructions and stay alert.

One of the residents was evacuated by law enforcement personnel. He stated that his two-story residence caught fire, and it is believed that the fire started from the underground garbage storage area. Multiple houses were destroyed in the incident. He has been living at his current address for over 50 years and has never experienced a fire before. However, he is unsure about the cause of the fire this time.

The fire department has launched an investigation into the cause of the fire.  Members of the public who are being affected by the smoke and an unusual odour carried by the wind are advised to close their doors and windows and stay calm.