Fire breaks out at Sheung Wan residence, resulting in the deaths of three white pigeons and two turtles


30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A fire broke out suddenly on the fifth floor of a unit located at 4, Po Yan Street in Sheung Wan at 7.53pm. on the evening of 29th November. The incident alarmed several residents in the neighbourhood, who promptly reported the fire and sought assistance. The fire department swiftly responded to the scene, dispatching a team equipped with firefighting gear and deploying a hose to extinguish the flames. Thanks to their prompt action, the fire was quickly brought under control. Fortunately, no injuries were reported among the approximately 20 residents who were evacuated to a safe location during the incident.

However, during the fire, the fire department discovered that the unit housed two cats, three white pigeons, and three turtles. Two of the cats suffered burns and were taken by their owner to a nearby veterinary clinic for medical treatment. One of the turtles also sustained minor injuries. Sadly, three white pigeons and two turtles succumbed to the fire. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.