Fire breaks out at Hung Nga Road construction site, contractors issued stop work order by Housing Authority


10th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A No. 3 alarm fire erupted yesterday (9th) at a construction site in Hung Nga Road, Hung Shui Kiu. Two cranes at the site were at risk of collapsing, and firefighting efforts are still underway. James Chan, the CEO of the Housing Authority, and Cheung Koon-wah, Director of Engineering and Planning, expressed gratitude to the firefighters, police, and Buildings Department during their media briefing today (10th) and apologised for the inconvenience caused to nearby residents. The incident occurred during the early stages of the construction project, which involved the superstructure. The fire primarily originated in the basement, and the exact number of fuel containers is yet to be determined.

Housing Authority personnel remained on-site throughout the night to monitor the situation and issued a stop work order to the contractors. The construction site is designated for a dedicated public housing estate aimed at providing subsidised housing units for residents affected by government development projects. The project, initially scheduled for completion in 2026, aimed to provide 962 subsidised housing units for sale. Currently, there is no immediate danger of the cranes collapsing. Once the site is deemed safe, Housing Authority representatives will collaborate with the main contractor, to assess the condition of the cranes and evaluate the extent of the damage, considering options such as reinforcement or dismantling and rebuilding.

The Fire Services Department reported that the temperature at the scene of the fire reached nearly 500 degrees Celsius, posing a risk of crane collapse. To address these challenges, the department deployed drones for aerial reconnaissance and firefighting robots to assist in extinguishing the fire. The Fire Services Department stated that the fire was fierce, covering an area of approximately 5,000 square meters and involving a substantial amount of construction materials, including an undisclosed number of fuel containers, resulting in thick smoke. Given the high temperature and the potential collapse of the cranes, drones were dispatched for aerial assessment, while firefighting robots were deployed to enter the site.