Fire breaks out at apartment in Yau Ma Tei, 11 injuries and 7 deaths reported (Updated: 11.50pm)


15th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) A tenement flat located at the junction of Canton Road and Saigon Street in Yau Ma Tei caught fire at around 8pm today. 11 people were injured and 7 of them died. 7 of them were reported to be in critical condition. Most of the injured victims were Nepalese. The fire spread rapidly, and there were multiple explosions. Some of them were trapped in their respective apartments while some climbed out from their windows and shouted for help.

7 of the victims (4 males and 3 females including a 8-year-old boy) were sent to the hospital and subsequently certified deceased. The fire department is further investigating the cause of the fire. It is reported that most of the residents are Nepalese.

The fire was managed to put out by firemen over a short span of time.

During the fire, only more than 10 residents were evacuated to a safe location in time, and at least 17 people were injured or uncomfortable at the same time. Due to the large number of injured people involved, mobile medical vehicles needed to be deployed. Some people had their heads covered with blood. Others suffered multiple burns and injuries. Among the injured, one man climbed out of the window to escape, but he accidentally slipped and fell to the ground, causing foot injuries.

After receiving emergency treatment according to the degree of injury, each person was divided into multiple ambulances and sent to Kwong Wah Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Caritas Medical Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital respectively for treatment. Seven of them died after being sent to hospital.

According to preliminary understanding, the fire started from a Nepalese restaurant located on the first floor. One of the injured victims was celebrating birthday for his son. There were burned candles found on the floor and it was suspected that sound insulation panels caught fire. Nine relatives of the injured celebrated a birthday party together at the restaurant. He and two other children managed to escape in time