Fire at Hung Shui Kiu construction site finally extinguished after 42 hours


11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The fire that broke out at the Hung Shui Kiu construction site on 9th April escalated to a four-alarm blaze at 9.31pm on the same day. After a relentless effort by firefighters, the flames were finally brought under control at approximately 6.22am today. The firefighting team utilized seven hoses and two smoke helmet crews to combat the inferno. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported thus far.

During the course of the fire, firefighters discovered 20 fuel canisters, but the situation was deemed stable with no risk of explosion. The Buildings Department conducted an assessment earlier and concluded that there was no immediate danger of collapse for the two adjacent buildings.

Lee Koon-yau, Assistant Director (New Territories North) at the Fire Services Department, revealed that the fire was reported at 1.20pm on Tuesday, 9th April, and firefighters arrived at the scene within four minutes. However, the fire rapidly spread, prompting the escalation to a three-alarm fire at 2.44pm. Due to the presence of fuel canisters at the site, it was upgraded to a four-alarm fire at 9.21pm. The fire engulfed an underground area spanning 70 meters by 80 meters, with 152 individuals successfully evacuating the premises. No casualties have been reported. Furthermore, 20 fuel canisters were found at the scene, but the situation was deemed stable with no risk of explosion.

Over the past few days, firefighters have been dousing the perimeter of the construction site with water to lower the temperature. They also dispatched personnel to survey the underground levels. Yesterday at noon, the firefighting strategy shifted from a defensive approach to an offensive one, with firefighters entering the basement to directly combat the flames. High-altitude surveillance drones and firefighting robots were employed to assist in the operation. Given the extensive size of the fire and the labyrinthine structure of the basement, which is filled with a large quantity of construction materials and wooden boards, the temperature soared, and thick smoke billowed from the site. It is estimated that the firefighting efforts will continue for some time. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Mary Chan, Chief Officer of Site Monitoring at the Housing Authority, stated that based on the temperature data collected by firefighters until 6pm and considering the structural information of the two adjacent buildings, it is believed that there is no immediate danger regarding the stability of the structures. Housing Authority personnel will remain on-site to provide assistance to the fire department.