Finn Lau who is in exile in U.K. reveals photo of his head injury after being beaten


4th January 2021 – (London) Finn Lau, an ex-chartered surveyor and a wanted fugitive who was arrested in 2019 went into exile in the U.K. last year. He claimed that he was attacked previously. Many netizens questioned the authenticity of the incident and accused him of embezzling the funds raised from crowdfunding. Finn Lau posted a picture of his head injury on his Facebook account today in response to the allegations.

Finn Lau revealed in an exclusive interview with Stand News last year that he was attacked when he was outside. He mentioned that one night when he was alone on the streets, he was surrounded and beaten by several black men. Before long, Lau collapsed in a coma, his head and eyes were bleeding and swollen. Afterwards, netizens continued to question the authenticity of the incident.