Finn Lau, a wanted fugitive who was arrested last year during the anti-extradition movement vows to work with international community to against China


6th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Finn Lau, an ex-chartered surveyor and a wanted fugitive who was arrested last year posted a ‘Hong Kong Resistance Declaration’ on Facebook yesterday announcing that the Hong Kong Liberty Team under his lead will depart from ‘Stand with Hong Kong’ (SWHK) to continue their parallel work to fight against the Hong Kong government locally and on the international platform. He said SWHK will continue to work underground independently.

He said he decided to go public with his real name for 3 reasons. On 10th June, he proposed the doctrine of ‘LaamChaau’ to sustain the movement against the HK government and CCP. First, his actual identity was exposed by pro-Beijing press after the mass arrest on 10th August. He claimed that he became one of the 6 wanted fugitives under the National Security Law. Second, while he was trying to help the 12 Hong Kong detainees, a Telegram group appeared out of nowhere to extort money from the detainees, their families and him. He claimed that they also spread false information about his mental condition and he admitted that he was diagnosed with severe mental depression. He also admitted that he was one of the 10,000 arrestees since the beginning of the anti-extradition movement last year. He was also arrested during the 1st January rally this year along with a few hundred others.

Source: Facebook

Thirdly, he said that his work to liberate Hong Kong from now onwards will revolve around ‘Four Axes’ i.e. to act as an intermediary between activist groups, frontline support workers in Hong Kong, foreign government and lawmakers overseas, his exposed identity has placed him for use by both ends. He will also extend his so-called doctrine of ‘LaamChaau’ to continue to crumble the foundations of the CCP’s rule. He will work with foreign governments to impose economic sanctions on the Chinese government and to destabilise the Hong Kong dollar peg. The third is to push for Hong Kong’s autonomy under international jurisdiction e.g. under UN, G7, D10 etc. He will also exemplify to the international community with Hong Kong, Tibet and the Uyghurs that autonomy does not work under the Beijing Government. He further claimed that autonomy for Hong Kong can only work under international protection.

He will also push the British government to open up the disputes on the Joint Declaration at Hague. Fourthly, he will join forces with international allies to push for the right of national self-determination as a basic human right. He said that as the founder of the Hong Kong Liberty Team, he will formally engage with the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) (The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization is an international organization established to facilitate the voices of unrepresented and marginalised nations and peoples worldwide. It was formed on 11th February 1991 in The Hague, Netherlands) to advocate for the right to self-determination.

His published speech on social media has clearly violated the National Security Law as it will prompt the police to investigate further. However, it is unsure where Lau is currently located but it is most likely that he has left Hong Kong.