Financial company pays US$1,300 for those to watch 13 horror movies


By Hrishikesh Bhardwaj,

15th September 2021 – (New York) Having a good heart rate is good for your health and, in some cases, your pocketbook. The finance company FinanceBuzz wants to hire someone to watch 13 horror movies in October, with a salary of US$1,300. The purpose is to monitor the person’s heartbeat while the app fitbit marks the frequency across the films. Applicants must reside in the United States and be at least 18 years of age.

The 13 films are considered some of the scariest films ever made in cinema history.

According to the statement from FinanceBuzz, the company is willing to find out if the effectiveness of a film has to do with the budget invested.

“In honor of the next scary season, we da FinanceBuzz we’re dying to know if high-budget horror movies cause more scares than low-budget ones,” he wrote.

“You’ll help us figure out whether or not a movie’s budget impacts how scary it can be using a fitbit to monitor your heart rate as you review the list of 13 movies,” the statement concluded.

The movies that must be watched are: Death Games, Amityville Horror, A Quiet Place – Parts I and II, Candyman’s Mystery, Supernatural, The Blair Witch, The Entity, Run!, A Night of Crime, Halloween (2018 ), Paranormal Activity and Annabelle.

The company will be responsible for providing a tracker fitbit, for the payment of US$1,300 and also a gift card of US$50 at the current rate.

*Intern under the supervision of Jefferson Delbem.