Filipino waiter, 39, charged with multiple counts of sexual assault against his 10-year-old daughter, sentencing postponed until 6th October


28th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 39-year-old Filipino waiter has been accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting his own daughter, starting when she was just 10 years old. The allegations include inappropriate touching of her body and rubbing his genitals against her vagina. The abuse continued for over three years until the daughter finally disclosed the incidents to her mother at the end of last year, leading to the filing of a police report.

The accused waiter recently pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault in the district court. The case was scheduled for sentencing this morning after the submission of relevant reports. However, the defence team claimed that they only received the reports yesterday and needed time to explain them to the defendant. Consequently, the judge postponed the sentencing to 6th October. The defence further argued that the trauma report of the victim indicated that she met with a psychologist under her mother’s coercion, raising concerns about the accuracy of the report. Nevertheless, the judge considered that delving into this matter could deepen the victim’s trauma and concluded that it was unnecessary for the prosecution to investigate this aspect further.

According to the prosecution, the accused, identified as D.M.L., who worked as a waiter, admitted to the charges of sexual assault. It was revealed that he had written an apology letter intended for the victim and her mother, but the victim’s mother stated that she would not accept the letter. The accused lives with his 3 daughters and domestic helper on Lamma Island. The incidents occurred on a Sunday in December 2019 when the accused’s wife and a domestic helper had returned to the Philippines for personal matters, leaving the accused to take care of their three daughters, including the 10-year-old victim, named X. The accused instructed X to sleep in his room with her younger sister, while he slept next to X. During this time, he pulled down her pants and touched her private parts with his fingers. When X woke up and demanded that he stop, the accused claimed it was just a massage. Upset, X returned to her room and cried, but the accused apologised to her, telling her that he was not a monster.

The last known incident took place in October of the following year when X, then 13 years old, and her sister were sleeping in their room. The accused entered the room, woke up X, and lay on top of her, touching her breasts and private parts. He then removed her underwear and pressed himself against her, rubbing his genitals against her vagina. Despite feeling disgusted, X attempted to resist but was held down by the accused. After a few minutes, the accused put his pants back on and left the room. On the 25th of the same month, X informed her mother about her delayed menstruation and expressed her concerns. Upon further questioning, X revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by the accused. Her mother eventually reported the incident to a social worker at school. According to X’s statement, the accused had sexually assaulted her multiple times during the period of the offences, averaging about five times per month, and had engaged in genital rubbing since 2020. The accused was arrested in November of that year and admitted to the crimes.