Filipino street performer arrested in Central for failing to comply with mask order and possession of handcuffs


8th August 2020 – (Hong Kong) The government has implemented the “Mandatory Mask Order” to curb the spread of the epidemic, expressly requiring the public to wear masks in public places. The police received a report at about 2pm today that someone suspected of not wearing a mask at the junction of Queen’s Road and Pedder Street in Central. The police rushed to the scene and found a 21-year-old Filipino man who was not wearing a mask.

After asking the man several questions, it was understood that the other party was also reported by the public earlier the same day, and a police officer had given him a verbal warning about not wearing a mask. A fixed penalty notice was issued to him in accordance with the law. The police later lobbied the man many times to leave but he refused to comply.

During the period, police conducted body search on him and a pair of handcuffs were found on his body. After a preliminary investigation, the man was arrested on suspicion of obstructing police officers from performing their duties, possession of an offensive weapon, and violating the Prevention and Control of Disease (Wearing Masks) Regulations. He is currently being detained for investigation. It is reported that the arrested man is a street singer named Oliver Ma.