Filipino domestic helper tortures, molests and assaults 60 year old stroke patient

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A 60 year old man became semi-paralysed after suffering from stroke in 2016. He couldn’t speak properly nor take care of himself. His 47-year-old wife decided to hire a Filipino domestic helper to take care of him in May 2017. He told his wife that the domestic helper constantly tortured him and she decided to install a CCTV at home. In June 2018, video footage showed that the maid hit her husband with a stool and pulled his genitals while changing his diapers.

The wife decided to report to police on the same day and the trial has commenced today at the Eastern Magistrate’s Court. The 38 year old Filipino helper, REBUSTILLO IVY BONGALONTA denied the allegations that she molested and assaulted the 60 year old man on 30th June 2018 who has since passed away in August last year due to illness.

The wife told the court that during the incident, she was with their children in a different room as her husband was bedridden in the living area. She called the police immediately after seeing the 30-minute video footage showing the helper hitting him with a red plastic stool.

The trial is still on-going.

The red stool used to hit the 60 year old man.