Fiery confrontation erupts between cyclist and janitor at MTR Diamond Hill Station


4th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a video that has gone viral on Hong Kong’s online platforms, a heated altercation took place between a female cyclist dressed in cycling attire and a janitor at the Diamond Hill Station of the MTR Tuen Ma Line. The incident unfolded when the cyclist, who was about to use the women’s restroom, had the door forcibly opened by the janitor. Enraged by the intrusion, the cyclist unleashed a barrage of profanities, directing her anger towards the janitor. The commotion attracted the attention of several MTR staff members who intervened to resolve the situation. Despite the janitor’s explanation, the cyclist continued to berate her. Eventually, the janitor returned to her duties in the restroom, while the cyclist and her companion threatened to involve the police and demanded an apology from the janitor. Finally, the cyclist entered an accessible restroom to complete her business.

Following the incident, the cyclist emphasised that she had sought the janitor’s permission before entering the restroom, refuting any claims of unauthorized entry. She expressed her anger and frustration at the sudden intrusion, which prompted her to unleash a stream of profanities. While acknowledging that her use of foul language was inappropriate, she argued that anyone in a similar situation would react with anger. She also mentioned that she had reported the incident to the authorities.

The Hong Kong police confirmed that they received a report of a dispute between two women at the Diamond Hill Station’s women’s restroom at around 8.58pm yesterday. The incident is currently being treated as a “dispute,” and no arrests have been made.

In response to inquiries, MTR stated that at around 9pm yesterday, station staff at Diamond Hill received a report of a passenger involved in a dispute with a contracted cleaning worker. MTR staff members promptly arrived at the scene to handle the situation and attempted to mediate the dispute, which they believed originated from a restroom-related issue. Following the passenger’s request, MTR staff members assisted in reporting the incident to the police.