Ferrari Monza SP1 owner in Taiwan braving rain with Umbrella


19th August 2023 – (Taichung City) A Facebook page recently shared a video capturing an eye-catching scene on Wenxin Road in Taichung City. The footage shows a vibrant red Ferrari Monza SP1 parked on the rainy road, while a motorcyclist nearby is seen wearing rain gear. However, the owner of the supercar defied convention by driving with a large red umbrella specially branded with Ferrari, creating a peculiar sight that drew the attention of onlookers, including nearby motorcyclists.

The Ferrari Monza SP1, known for its open-top design, lacks a roof. Thus, when caught in the rain, the owner had no choice but to shield themselves with an umbrella while driving. This unexpected scenario left the usually sleek and stylish car owner looking rather comical.