Ferrari in Ho Man Tin targeted and clashed with car, driver escapes to save life


21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A shocking incident of vehicular revenge took place in Ho Man Tin yesterday (20th) that has been circulating online through a 15-second video clip. The footage shows a black Ferrari sports car driving along Sheung Shing Street in Ho Man Tin. As it approaches a housing estate, a white private car from the opposite lane suddenly blocks its path. Two individuals from the white Toyota car, suspected to be involved in the act, swiftly exit the vehicle brandishing iron rods. In a desperate attempt to save himself, the Ferrari driver reverses and collides with a taxi following behind before fleeing the scene. The two individuals, realizing the failure of their plan, reluctantly return to their car. The Ferrari, with its rear bumper loosened and dragging on the ground, eventually turns into a nearby housing estate, concluding the events captured in the video.

Law enforcement authorities have provided further details of the incident. The clash took place around midnight on the 20th. Subsequently, a 73-year-old taxi driver reported that his vehicle was struck by the Ferrari as it reversed across the road from Mantin Heights. Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision. Personnel arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation and later discovered the damaged Ferrari in the vicinity. Surprisingly, the Ferrari was found empty without any occupants. Authorities are currently making efforts to contact the vehicle owner in order to identify the driver. Following a preliminary investigation, the case has been classified as “criminal damage,” and no arrests have been made thus far.