Female pump attendant in Sichuan Province breaks down in tears after banknotes were thrown to the ground by Mercedes car driver


30th January 2023 – (Leshan) A Mercedes driver was condemned on social media recently for throwing banknotes to the ground after a female pump attendant finished filling petrol into the vehicle at a local petrol station in Leshan, Sichuan Province during the evening of 23rd January. The female pump attendant picked up the banknotes after the car left in a hurry and broke into tears as she felt humiliated.

However, the car owner subsequently told reporters on 28th January that he did not mean to throw the banknotes on the ground but during the incident, he was sitting in the rear seat and his sister was driving his car. He tried to pay for the bill from behind but the money fell on the ground instead. As he was tired during the long-distance journey, his sister drove away quickly to rush to their destination. Around 500 yuan was paid but the bill was only 475 yuan. He even shouted to the female petrol pump attendant not to return any change. The driver said that he is trying to contact the petrol station to explain over the incident after the video surfaced on internet.