Female protester who ruptured her eye can see ‘light’ after being discharged, her bill fully funded by 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund


20th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) The female protester who allegedly ruptured her right eye by bean bag round on 11th August in TST was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She has been discharged from hospital today before undergoing the next reconstruction surgery. She is reportedly in stable condition and her right eye can now see light.

Her entire medical expenses were footed by the controversial 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund .

After more than one week, police admitted that they did fire 8 bean bag rounds but refused to accept the responsibility with regards to the girl. It is unsure if she was injured by ball bearing or bean bag round.

Anti-extradition protesters have leveraged on her injury to organise an airport siege for two days on 12th and 13th. Many online posters with caption ‘ AN EYE FOR AN EYE’ were shared as if the victim has lost one eye. Her case has been used by many protesters as a propaganda subject against police to gain empathy from civilians despite the fact that her actual medical condition was not reported earlier.

On 17th August, she issued a statement via social media platform LIHKG Forum to urge civilian not to be blinded by vengeance.